The 3rd Crypto Asset Lab Conference

Nov 8, 2021 | Staff

Investments, Economics, and Regulation for Bitcoin and Crypto-Assets

The 3rd Crypto Asset Lab Conference was held on November 4-5, 2021. We have had 43 abstract/paper submissions, and we express our gratitude to all authors and panelists for their contributions which have been crucial for the success of CAL2021.

Papers, slides, and video presentations are available online at the conference web page and YouTube.

All of us at the Crypto Asset Lab, both the faculty and the advisory board, we have a lot to thank you for.

Thanks to the co-organizers: University of Milano-Bicocca, the DG Joint Research Center of the European Commission. Also, thanks to Regione Lombardia for its patronage.

Thanks to the Program Committee members, for selecting the papers to be presented.

Last, but not least, thanks to CAL2021 sponsors: CheckSig (gold sponsor), Deloitte (gold sponsor), and Elidata (silver sponsor).

We look forward to a continued engagement with you all, on all topics concerning crypto assets, leading to CAL2022, the 4th Crypto Asset Lab conference in 2022.

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