Crypto Asset Lab: A Research Initiative on Digital Assets

May 10, 2019 | Paolo Mazzocchi

A joint initiative of University of Milano-Bicocca and Digital Gold Institute

We are happy to announce Crypto Asset Lab, a research initiative on crypto-assets (Bitcoin in primis) as investment opportunity, fintech innovation, and regulatory challenge.

Milano-Bicocca has been offering a “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology” course, taught by Ferdinando M. Ametrano, since 2015/2016; going forward in that direction, the new lab is a joint effort of the University and our Institute; its aim is to be a meeting point between academia, industry, institutions, and regulators.

Students, researchers, and practitioners are encouraged to join the lab and help with research, development, training, teaching, and other experimental activities.

With a great faculty and an outstanding advisory board, the lab promises to be a catalyst in the Italian crypto-ecosystem for improved understanding and informed adoption of digital assets like Bitcoin.

Crypto Asset Lab will be lunched with an open workshop in the afternoon of June 5, 2019 (program): partecipation is free, but registration is required.

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